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At-home blood test for health and longevity insights & mobile app that delivers personalized health coaching.

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Redefine your age

Measure how well you are aging and take targeted action to improve.

Cutting edge science, real-life change

Defy Aging & Rewind Your Internal Clock

We measure thousands of epigenetic biomarkers to give you the most comprehensive picture of how well your cells are functioning so you can keep doing what you love as you age.

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one test, a lifetime of change

Own your health with science based solutions

Everyone has the right to learn more about themselves. AgeRate brought together the world's leading researchers in the field of genetics and molecular epidemiology to bring you real genetic insights, so you can make your health a priority.

  • Test at home- it's easy

    We send your sample collection device with registration instructions. Simple prick your finger and provide a small amount of blood.

  • Decode your age

    Send your kit back to our lab and get a detailed report on how well your cells are functioning. Reveal your biological age so you can take control of your aging.

  • Conquer aging

    Receive personalized recommendations and lifestyle programs that change as you improve so you can turn back your cellular clock.

discover new insights

A test as unique as you

You’re already doing so much to track your health, so eliminate the guesswork from your nutrition and fitness regimens with our epigenetics test. Compare your real age with your biological age and we’ll match you to a health professional. We provide real data and insights, so you can take action on your health.

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target the root causes of aging

The most comprehensive test for longevity

Biological Age

Your Biological Age represents how old you appear to be on a cellular level which can be different from your chronological age (how old you are based on your birthday).

Cumulative AgeRate

Taking into account both your chronological and biological age, your cumulative AgeRate is a measure of the pace at which your body has aged for every year you've been alive.

Immune Health

Your Immune Health score reflects the status of your immune system and how it is changing with age.

Metabolic Health

Your Metabolic Health score reflects the unseen effects that body fat has had on your metabolism and cellular health over time.

Chronic Inflammation

Your Chronic Inflammation Score reflects your long-term exposure to low-grade inflammation, and by extension, the unseen detrimental effects it can have on your body over time.

Diet Quality

Your Diet Score is an objective measurement of the quality of your diet as determined by biological signatures of exposure to a healthy diet.

You're in control of your data

Your privacy is our priority.

We will never sell your data and we encrypt your data and keep it secure. To ensure the confidentiality, we de-identify your data to help you stay anonymous.