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Redefine your age

Measure how well you are aging and take targeted action to improve.


Biohack your biological age

We measure thousands of epigenetic biomarkers to give you the most comprehensive picture of how well your cells are functioning so you can take targeted action to improve.


Own your health with science based solutions

At AgeRate, we believe everyone deserves to discover more about their own health. Our team, comprised of leading global researchers in genetics and molecular epidemiology, provides you with concrete epigenetic insights. Empower yourself to prioritize your health with our unique scientific expertise.


A test as unique as you

Harness the power of our epigenetic test to master your health journey. With AgeRate, demystify your nutrition and fitness regimens, comprehend the gap between your chronological and biological age, and observe your body's reaction to lifestyle alterations. We provide actionable data and insights, empowering you to enhance your longevity effectively.

  • Biological Age

    Biological age, assessed through specific age-related epigenetic modifications in your DNA, serves as a critical gauge of your overall health and aging progression, offering deeper insight than chronological age alone.

  • Cumulative Aging Rate

    Discover your cumulative rate of aging with us; it encapsulates the overall speed at which your biological systems age, reflecting a blend of your genetic makeup, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices.

  • Chronic Inflammation

    The Chronic Inflammation Score, derived from DNA methylation markers, is a measurement of long-term exposure to low-grade inflammation in the body, which can lead to tissue damage and accelerated aging.

  • Metabolic Health

    Our Metabolic Score, generated from DNA methylation markers, evaluates the enduring effects of adipose tissue on your cellular health and lifespan, providing a deeper understanding of your body's metabolic health.

  • Immune Health

    Our Immune Health Score, extracted from a DNA methylation analysis of neutrophils and lymphocytes, gives an assessment of your immune system's health by tracking the equilibrium of cells that safeguard against infections and combat viruses.

  • Diet Impact

    Our Diet Score, determined through DNA methylation markers, evaluates the lasting impact that adherence to a Mediterranean diet has had on your cellular health, providing insights into how your dietary choices affect your wellness.

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  • Test at home- it's easy

    We send your sample collection device with registration instructions. Simple prick your finger and provide a small amount of blood.

  • Decode your age

    Send your kit back to our lab and get a detailed report on how well your cells are functioning. Reveal your biological age so you can take control of your aging.

  • Conquer aging

    Experiment with new lifestyle changes and quantify their effectiveness in slowing down aging through our repeated testing. With AgeRate, gain the assurance that you're paving the way towards a longer and healthier life.

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