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We’re AgeRate —a community of hardworking doctors, engineers, data scientists, and innovators who care about really changing the way we age. We built AgeRate to give people the opportunity to age better with science they can trust.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower the world with the ability to extend human healthspan. ​It was not until recently that aging could be accurately measured through biomarker testing. This ability to truly measure aging presents an opportunity to begin revealing what can truly modify aging. The timing is right for a company like AgeRate to accomplish what has been sought after for centuries and unlock the secrets to aging better with science.

Our mission

Our mission is to unlock the potential of human longevity - by empowering the world with tools to demystify and optimize aging.

  • Cole Kirschner

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr.Guillaume Paré

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Kevin Peters

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dr.Michael Chong

    Chief Research Officer

  • Ryan Peters

    Lead Mobile Developer

  • Sufal Deb

    Project Manager

  • Swathi Anphalagan

    Marketing Intern

  • Shurabi Anphalagan

    Marketing Intern

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