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AgeRate Test

AgeRate Test

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What's measured

DNA methylation analysis at thousands of gene sites to reveal:

• Biological Age

• Chronic Inflammation

• Immune Health

• Metabolic Health

• Diet Quality


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Return policy

We offer a 30 day return and refund policy. For more information click here.


This test is available for those 18 years and older in Canada and the United States (except for the state of New York).

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Be a part of something new

Join our Beta and help guide us towards a future where everyone is empowered to age better.

  • Detailed health & longevity reports

    Six comprehensive test reports

  • Easy to use collection kit

    Sent to your home, no lab visit required

  • Free shipping (both ways)

    Don't worry, we cover the shipping

  • Daily lifestyle challenges

    Tailored lifestyle challenges to help you improve

  • Free results review call

    A 30-minute call with a member of our team

  • Money-back guarantee

    100% money back within 30 days

  • Exclusive in-app content

    Learn more about the science of longevity

  • Wearable integration

    Integrate your wearable device to track lifestyle

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Your privacy is our priority

We do not sell or share your data

We will never sell your data and do not provide your information or results to employers or health insurance.

We encrypt your data and keep it secure.

We employ end-to-end AES-256 encryption to protect our user's data at all stages. 

We de-identify your data to stay anonymous.

To ensure the confidentiality of your data, we separate protected health information (PHI) from personally identifiable information (PII) .