The Science

AgeRate utilizes DNA methylation analysis and advanced algorithms to reveal your biological age and other longevity insights.

Measuring longevity

Before we ever experience the signs of aging, it's happening at the cellular level, as our fundamental biological processes change with time. These changes are recorded by your cells through DNA methylation. To get a more detailed picture of how you're aging, AgeRate's scientists look at the methylation patterns across your genome and can reveal new insights about how well you are aging.

Built by world-leading scientists

World-leading science and epigenetic lab analysis

Proprietary algorithms powered by AI

Algorithms powered by AI techniques to transform the raw DNA methylation data into new insights about your health and longevity.

Gold standard DNA methylation analysis

Our gold standard array based method of measuring DNA methylation examines thousands of sites across your genome.

Stringent Quality Control

Multi-step quality control checks to ensure accurate and reliable results

Large and diverse reference population

Algorithms built using ethnicity and gender-diverse populations of over 10,000 people aged 17 - 101

Cell Type Adjustment

Biological age calculation adjusts for cell type to ensure higher accuracy

Based on peer reviewed studies

Reports are based on published research with significant findings

"Breakthroughs in epigenetics enable us to measure biological aging, paving the way for a more personalized and empowered approach to healthy aging"

Dr.Guillaume Paré

Scientific Co-Founder, AgeRate